Court Construction, Repair, and Maintenance

Cushion Tennis Courts, LLC has been installing, repairing, and servicing of courts for more than 30 years. We provide the highest level of service to our clients, nationwide.

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    Right Way System

    Right Way system utilizes a micro sealant technology to span over the cracks. We use an application process that reduces the chance of re-cracking or having a dead spot, which is a hollow sound when the ball hits the repaired area.

    Overlay System

    A nonwoven fabric is applied to the entire court surface, and then a high-quality court acrylic surfacer is applied along with striping. You can take advantage of this system at a fraction of the cost of new asphalt or concrete installation.

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    Tennis Courts

    New Tennis Courts

    It generally takes 30–60 days to construct a new court. Many conditions will determine the amount of time that it takes to build. Examples are soil conditions, town permits, and the time of year the construction takes place.

    It is typically ideal to run a court true North-South. However, some yards and sites will not permit us to do so. The standard court size is 120' x 60', and we like to use a 1% pitch on every court so the court will have an adequate pitch for water to drain. It is common for many courts to be used for multiple purposes so that you can enjoy more than just tennis in them.

    We sell and install “Goalrilla” basketball systems. You can stripe a half or full court on your tennis court so you can enjoy two sports. We have also handled the installation of soccer lines and goals, tennis hitting walls, and even shuffleboard courts.

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    All-Weather Courts

    All-Weather Courts

    Not every court is built the same way. Before construction, we like to look at the site conditions to determine how solid the base is. We figure out if we need to excavate additional fill out to build a stronger base and make recommendations accordingly.

    A lot of all-weather courts are built using a 10" to 12" crushed stone base and two 1 ½" layers of asphalt. Drainage is a very important aspect of building a new “all weather” tennis court. A curtain drain is generally suitable for these types of courts.

    The most common fence we install for courts today is a 10' high black or green vinyl fence. However, we offer many other types of custom fences, all schedule 40 and heavy-duty to withstand wind loads of up to 75 mph. 

    Depending on your preference, we can make the surface hard or soft. Nowadays, people like to play on a soft cushion surface.

    You have many options when it comes to our types of cushion courts. A lot of these surfaces come with a five-year warranty. To check out one of our new courts or our cushioned surfaces, contact us today or visit one of our sites.

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    Cushion Extreme


    U.S. Pat No. 6,786,674 and U.S. Trademark Reg No. 3,204,251

    When your court has Cushion Extreme®, you will experience a new level of cushioned court comfort. You can play harder and longer with less fatigue.

    Our product’s base pad is coated with a proven world-class hard court acrylic tennis court surfacing system. The tennis ball plays and reacts as if it were on a hard court, but your body enjoys the built-in resilience of our cushioned base pad. Experience maximum playing comfort and add years to your game with a Cushion Extreme® surface on your court.

    Your knees, joints, and back will thank you when playing on a Cushion Extreme®-covered court. Our product brings an incredible level of cushioned comfort to the game of tennis. No wonder this unique, seamless, resilient, poured-in-place system is quickly becoming the preferred surface of homeowners, clubs, and champions everywhere. It truly is a proven winner from coast to coast! It’s good for your game and the environment.

    Cushion Extreme® is an eco-friendly product that uses recycled tire rubber and/or shoe rubber as the cushion foundation. This protects the asphalt while preventing harmful oxidation from the sun's UV rays. Using our product is a real win-win situation for the environment and the athlete in you.

    Just how “cushiony” is it? Don't get us wrong—you won't be playing on marshmallows! Cushion Extreme® is noticeable, yet it’s subtle. It's twice the cushion as the courts at the US Open, yet the playability is virtually the same. See for yourself!

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    Standard Color System

    Standard Color System

    A standard three-coat color system is the most widely used system on the market today. It is budget-friendly and offers a surface that will last for many years. This system consists of one resurfacer coat and two coats of 100% fortified acrylic.

    Choose between coating your court with a single or double tone color depending on your preference. Many parks and recreation associations and clubs still use a standard three-coat system.

    When installed using quality paint like Deco, Laykold, or Action Pave, the system can be designed to meet your level of play: slow, medium, or fast. If what you are looking for is a softer surface for your body during play, visit our Cushion courts.

    Cushion Tennis Courts, LLC aims to give you an optimum playing experience in the courts we handle. We make sure to listen to your requests and execute them perfectly. Get in touch with us today to get a quote.