Superior Courts by Cushion Tennis Courts, LLC



Cushion Tennis Courts, LLC strives as a company to build the best courts out there. Not only do we specialize in tennis courts, but we also build and repair basketball and pickleball courts as well as tracks and safety surfaces. We also provide the one-of-a-kind Cushion Extreme®.

What We Offer

Our company handles the installation, servicing, and repair of courts. We bring more than three decades of experience in everything that we do.


We offer high-quality court installation services for a wide range of sports, including basketball and tennis. When playing in a court that we installed, you can truly enjoy your favorite sports without any hassle.



You can turn to us to fix any bumps, cracks, or holes in your court. We have the necessary skills needed to address your needs.



Maintaining courts for any kind of sports can be a daunting task. Let our skilled team handle it for you. You can keep having fun while playing the sports of your choice in the courts that we maintain.


Get in Touch With Us

Expect us to do everything in our power to meet your requirements. We will help you keep your courts in optimal condition to give a smooth playing experience. To learn more about our company, reach out to us today!

Carolyn Milgard

Bend, Oregon

"Our court is so forgiving, I feel like I could play on it forever"

Scott Denny

Pronghorn Club, Bend, Oregon

"The Cushion court is the court which meets our needs here at pronghorn and is a pleasure for our club members to play on"